Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Behind the Label...

Stylist and Blogger - Alison from Her Indoors

When were you first interested in interiors
As a small child I was constantly rearranging the living room furniture, always keen to help my mum with colour choices, wallpaper, carpets... She was a bit conservative when it came to interior design to be honest - and I should probably point out that I was brought up in a council flat in the seventies, so it was all about Lino and woodchip - quite cool now of course! Here is me and my lovely mum at the front door of the prefab we lived in in North London until I was 3 - humble, but fine!!

What's your favourite shade
Heather, no aubergine... No heather...

How would you describe your style
If I am honest rough and ready, but I hope in a good way

Do you have any pets
Yes two cats, Dandy (black & white) and Beano (tabby) I would love a dog, but my cats won't play ball and they come first obviously!

Do you manage to have time away from doing write ups, blogs and featuring homes, or like me do you find it hard to switch off
Very, very hard isn't it - I love my work, I am passionate about interior design and family life and I am addicted to blogging - this is me on a Sunday evening!

If any, which book are you currently reading
Have just read 'Us' by David Nicholls, a 'must read' for me - it is about a married couple who have an 18 year old son, who is just about to leave home (check - that's us) their marriage is cracking up which is tragic. 'Us' is a sad story woven with humour, understanding and sharp observations...

Being an interiors photographers wife, are you both different when it comes to featuring homes 
or would you say you are quite similar with your approach 
Doug and I are very different, he is a stickler for detail, fanatical about doing things 'properly' whereas I like pressing on... If I say I am going to do something - consider it done, but I'm not a perfectionist.

Us on Gullane Brach - our back yard!

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