Sunday, 6 May 2018


Here at POWDER GREY we find lighting is probably one of the most important if not essential functional, decorative accessory you will need to have in the home.
It can be often overlooked as just an another functional necessity or a decorative accessory in a finished room. Planning early is key for that desired outcome. Apart from the obvious function, lighting is also the tool when it comes to creating that certain atmospheric/zone area. it can also change the colour of a room or the look of what you want to highlight ie paintings, luxury accessories and so forth.

There are three main types of lighting that I think of when planning ahead, know the basics and you'll find you won't need to spend an absolute fortune.

General - Coverage lighting: here the lighting is covering mostly if not the entire room or space working with the other styles where you'll have light bouncing off walls, ceilings and floor coverage.
The two most common lighting used in this is the Chandelier (classic traditional look) or the drop down pendant (a more contemporary style)

Accent - Softer lighting: where you will want to add particular lighting to highlight certain objects, ornaments, paintings or certain features in the room you wish to show off. The type of light used here would be the wall mounted light and the bulb used would be less intense.

Task - Intense lighting: this is needed when working at your desk, reading or close work areas. A favourite light I tend to use in this area is either a clip on lamp with a clamp, or a stand and table lamp, both great for transportation.

Mix them all together and you'll have the overall decorative lighting that brings out each focal multiple points within the room and will show off and accommodate activities that may occur in each area.

So consider how much or different type of lighting would be used esp if there is a main area or one room that will have a mix of uses, usually the Kitchen is a favourite for this.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Behind the Label

Jane Day - Tea with Ruby

Can you tell us a little about 'Tea with Ruby' and how the name came about?
Hello I'm Jane the name and face behind Tea with Ruby the lifestyle and interiors blog, I write, style and create content mainly for interior brands and publications. The name may seem a little confusing as I didn't start out where I am today, I used to hire vintage china for weddings etc but wrote a weekly blog, to cut a long story short the china hire is long gone and my business is  completely different but the name kind of stuck. Ruby is my daughter if anyone was wondering.

Lovely visuals on your blog, do you take the photographs yourself?
Yes the majority of the images that appear in my posts are my own.  I do like to use production shots of brands when promoting a certain piece it gives the article a better flow than just my images.  I sometimes source images via pinterest if the post isn't relating to a specific thing, more inspirational mood boards creating a look that I'm trying to convey.

What inspires you to write your blog and keep it current?
That's a hard one and I honestly don't know! I think it's because I'm so passionate about what I do I don't see it as a job. I am very lucky and through social media and interior publications I can't help be inspired every day, there's always something new and fresh around every corner.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of becoming an interior writer and stylist?
Everyone has a passion and if it's writing about interiors and styling then just go for it.  If you create good solid content and are consistent in what you do then keep doing it, it's amazing how that opens doors for you.

With so many other lifestyle bloggers around it can be difficult to decide who to follow, what do you feel makes your blog stand out from the crowd? 
I'm not sure that I stand out but hopefully the topics I write about inform and inspire enough for people to follow me. There are quite a few of us bloggers out there but we all fall into different categories. I'd say follow those that create content that you are passionate about yourself, no point reading a blog focusing on vintage interiors when you love Scandi design

What three things can’t you live without?
Can I make it 4, my family, coffee, swimming and sleep!

Do you find time to relax and unwind?
I most certainly do, I set myself working hours and once they are up I literally switch off, there is nothing that is so important that can't wait until the morning. I never work on an evening, that's my time to spend with my family, have a good soak in the bath, watch movies or read.  I'm not a night owl so love being tucked up under the duvet quite early.

What's next for 'Tea with Ruby'?
I've just done some fabulous work for a high end department store, so hopefully more work like that will come my way.  Apart from that every week is different, you never know what client you will be working with next which is exciting. I'm building my brand slowly but surely and I get to work with some fabulous companies so if it continues this way then I'll be happy.