Monday, 29 October 2012

Cool Knits....

More reasons to love this time of year, as you wear layer upon layer of different or all of the same type of fabric. In this case wool, mix it up or simply add other layering accessories next to a crisp white cotton shirt and WOW!.......another favourite to POWDER GREY

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  1. Thank you so much Sandie for gracing my place with your beauty and words to follow :)

    I could so see myself wearing that first photos out fit...Loving the flesh tones, greys, and whites this year in home fashion and clothing fashion.

    Love all that you inspire over here and I too have stopped in to take and inspirational peak to see what I can take home with me!

    As you know I love your header name and that alone is so inspiring :)

    see you soon for holiday inspiration.

    Blessings to a fellow designer

    ~Dore Callaway
    Interior Design
    Estate Model Homes Res/Com