Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Think BIG to small spaces...... When it comes to space,storage or lack of in our homes we immediately think we need to move and find something bigger. Not always necessary, with a few clever ideas we can achieve this without the move.Neutral colours with transparent furniture/objects will enhance the feel of space with glass reflecting more light throughout the room .Having portable pieces such as (sofa )beds,wardrobes to islands in the kitchen this can make space rather with fixed furniture.With mirrors they create an illusion of floating space which will give the room a double sense of size.Clever built in storage that you can hide away your paraphernalia would work either in the stairway, in walls or on shelving.Other is to have furniture that can double up as other ie bench to table as shown above or a wardrobe/cupboard that you can use as work space, then close away once finished.Screens used are a great way to seperate zone areas without having permanent structure, as too concertina style doors/walls.

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