Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Behind the Label...

Designer and Blogger - Lucy from Lucy Loves Ya


How would you describe your style?
Casual and maybe a bit quirky. I don't like following a particular fashion and have my own style. Everyone eventually finds their own. I like wearing Vivienne Westwood jackets with jeans or a vintage dress with some American Apparel leggings. Interior wise - I like white with colour and
love Scandinavian designs and also a bit kitsch.

Out of all the clothing or project items that you have made, which was your favourite piece?
It has to be my wedding dress. It was a real labour of love and I feel very proud of it. It is made of lace with satin underneath and inspired by the 50s era. It was quite a challenge as I made it with only a few months to go before the wedding but had some help from my dressmaker friend. Maybe one day, one of my daughters will wear it for their wedding?

Do you collect anything?
I do. I collect fabric and have a cupboard full of different patterns and colours. It's my stash and also is also a bit like a museum piece! I also collect Converse hi tops - I love everything about them..the designs each season, the style and the fact that you can wear them pretty much with everything. Oh, I also collect pretty cards..have I got a problem? :)

How do you unwind?
Going for a run is always a good way to unwind. It helps me think about things and put things in to perspective. I would have said a glass of wine but gave up drinking over a year ago so the running is definitely the way now. I also like looking at interior magazines, that helps and its also very inspiring.

Your blog is full of colour, which particular hue stands out the most for you?
Probably pink. It is probably because I have two daughters and at some stage or other they have been through a pink stage, so we know most shades. It's a very warm and gentle colour, I think - and works well with grey too ;) 

Which music or artist are you currently listening to? 
We are a very musical family. My husband works in music and I love all sorts - but I do love listening to Biffy Clyro at the moment who I became a big fan of while my husband was working with them. Eagerly awaiting their new album next year. They're such a talented band..and from Scotland like yourself. Mon The Biff!

What items in your home couldn't you live without? 
Firstly the computer because it's essential. How did we ever cope without them? But probably also our beds. They are so comfy and there's nothing like your own bed is there?