Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Behind the Label...

     Decorating Den Interiors/ Bethany Beach Delaware

'It is my belief that you must listen to a client's needs before even beginning a project. I focus on making certain that each space will suit the client's design goals'

Q: When did you become interested in Interior Design?     
    I was interested in all forms of design from a very early age. My mother is an artist (painting) and we were always surrounded in some way by colour, shape and texture.

Q: Do you have any Pets?
Yes. My husband and I are ‘owned’ by two felines Betty and Maggie

Q: What's your favourite Colour?
Grey ( ha ha...and you didn’t even need to coach me to say that!!!

Q: How would you best describe your style?
Clean lines

Q: What are you currently reading?
'Daughters of the Samurai,'by Janice P. Nimura

Q: Who or What inspires your work?
I turn to nature a great deal for inspiration. Especially for colour and texture.

Q: Do you have a signature food dish?
It would have to be my veggie soup. I’m a vegetarian so it’s made with a wonderful base of fresh

Q: What can't you live without?
That would have to be the beach. I never cease to be amazed by its magical power and beauty.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Prouvé Potence Lamp

Looking for some inspiration on lighting as we prepare to re-decorate our home, I came across the elegant Prouve Potence Lamp. This wall mounted lamp which you can just make out in the image above is a real favourite, with one easy movement it can cover 180 degrees from its almost 7ft suspension rod saving valuable floor space, than if it were a base lamp etc. Bonus is that it has a dimmer switch to create as much or as little light, depending on what you require or mood...