Friday, 31 July 2015

Behind the Label...

David Cass - Artist

Q: What can't you live without?
It's a given that I can't live without family, friends. But, if we're talking about a possession - I wish this wasn't the case - but, it's my laptop. You wouldn't believe how much of a fine-artist's work needs to be done online. Almost half my week is spent looking for funding, for exhibition opportunities, website work...

Q: What's your favourite Colour?

Q: How would you best describe your style?
My artistic (painting) style? Minimal, raw, stripped back

Q: What are you currently reading?
Gabriel García Márquez: Of Love and Other Demons

Q: Who or What inspires your work? 
Everything. I have no filter, I'm always thinking about work.

Q: Do you have a signature food dish?
To make? Hmm... Saffron fish stew. When eating out: Calamari & aïoli

Q: The Postcard Project, how did that come about?
An artist has to make money... I've recently been experimenting with New-Media work - pieces which aren't necessarily for sale - and so I started up The Postcard Project to keep me going, to contribute to the cost of travel. But it's gradually become more than that - it's become a kind of travel-log, a diary - except I don't keep these postcards, they go out into the world. I love painting these small pieces - a postcard is the perfect size to work with, particularly when travelling.

Q: Besides your art you are interested in photography, do you view this in the same way?
My New-Media works (both film and photography) are definitely tied conceptually to my hands-on practice, though aesthetically they differ. My painted artworks for example, are very 'analogue', low-fi, basic, unedited. My recent photographic works are purely digital and aim to be almost 'perfect' technically. My photographic works document my travels and my working processes, they're almost always auto-biographical. My painted works aim to describe a bigger picture, touching upon subjects outwith my personal day-to-day.

Q: What are you currently listening to?
Sun Kil Moon, Lord Huron, The National, Laura Marling


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