Thursday, 30 April 2015

Behind the Label...

                                                               Emma Herdman Artist

We welcome our first' Behind the Label' guest, artist Emma Herdman. 
Featuring once a month we will be highlighting various designers, artists or inspiring people that we have either met or know...

When did you become interested in Art?
It's always been around, I used to draw and paint at school to the demise of
other studies!  Dad was an architect so I was gently encouraged. I studied
Art Foundation in my home town of Chesterfield and went on to study Fine Art
gaining a BA ( Honours Degree ). I've been lucky to see so much art across the globe
and find museums wonderful, calm places!

Do you have any Pets?
A border terrier called Stanley, my husband calls him my shadow as he
follows me everywhere!

What's your favourite Colour?
Yellow, the brighter the better, essentially primary  yellow. A yellow rose
is perfect and was the colour of my wedding bouquet.

How would you best describe your art?
Abstract, emotive, soulful, painterly. Love the word painterly, reminds me
of sweeping the paint across the canvas and being in the zone. Knowing a
painting is working, you then have to carefully walk away when it's working
and not touch it again!!


What are you currently reading?
The Little Book of Clarity' by Jamie Smart, great as you can read snippets
when short on time. It also challenges my way of thinking in a good way.

Who or What inspires your work?
Wow this changes all the time! At one moment  it can be the beauty that
surrounds me: the blue within a flower, the changing light across our
wonderful country, Scotland. I adore so many paintings from studying art at
school - Claude Monet's Water Lilies and figurative paintings by Amedeo
Modigliani. I could write and write reams about whom I admire however the
images say it all!!

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